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The Accumba effect

The accumbens nucleum is the part of the brain that has been defined as the laughter or pleasure switch. Activate that button in your loved ones with accumba, the cards that are a present.

The suggestive images carved in their outside are only the appetizer to the little pieces of art that you will find inside: a true explosion of cheerfulness, beauty, color and delicacy. 

Our cards are half hand-made, with quality products and are inspired in old oriental traditions such as origami and the puppet theaters. 

What do we do?

In accumba we have our own designs, adapted to different people, ages and circumstances, such as birthdays, weddings, or romantic celebrations. Have a look and enjoy! 

We can also personalize our models. Would you like your event invitations to be exclusive or special? We will take care of that, just get in touch. 

You can place orders directly through the website adding the models you like to your basket and finalizing the process. For other options, please contact us.